Monochrome Monday… The old Post Office, Ilkeston

The old Post Office, Ilkeston.The old Post Office, Ilkeston
Minolta Dynax 505si Super, Minolta AF 50mm f/1.7 – 1/45s, f4, – Ilford FP4+ rated at ISO 200

I have a fondness for what are known as ‘Ghost’ signs… that is to say old painted, carved or tiled signs advertising long defunct businesses and I photograph them whenever possible.

Hogarths Gin Palace now occupies the building that this particular sign adorns, while the Post Office resides in a tiny, nondescript location closer to the centre of town.

This is an image from the roll of film I shot for January’s Emulsive FP4 Party.

Scan by AgLab with minimal cropping and tweaking in Lightroom Classic CC.

Single frame… Steel City Sunset

Steel City SunsetSteel City Sunset
Fujifilm X-T1, Fujinon XF 18-135mm f3.5~5.6 R LM OIS WR at 29mm, 1/100s, f9, ISO 400

I popped up to Sheffield on Saturday to view the exhibition of images from last year’s Photo Marathon Sheffield that both I and my wife took part in…

Heading back to the railway station (and The Sheffield Tap for a cheeky pint…) I noticed the sunset was being reflected in ‘The Cutting Edge’ an 89m long stainless steel installation by Si Applied Ltd (Chris Knight, Brett Payne and Keith Tyssen) and Keiko Mukaide.

The Cutting Edge – ‘A sinous stainless steel blade gaining in height as it runs downhill towards the station entrance. The smaller end of the piece is almost circular in cross section and decorated with backlit glass work by Mukaide; the station end is a very thin ellipse also with backlit glass by the same artist. It is also lit along the length of its base.’

Monochrome Monday… Don’t cross

Dont crossDont cross, December 2017
Nikon FM, Nikkor 50mm f/2 – 1/500s, f2, – Ilford FP4+

Another image from the roll I shot in December for Emulsive’s FP4 Party. The lights took an age to change (and I’m far too infirm these days to scamper across a busy road without the benefit of an ‘official’ crossing point) so I thought I’d take a pic or two while I waited…

Scan by AgLab with minimal cropping and tweaking in Lightroom Classic CC.

Monochrome Monday… Vintage ice skates

Vintage Ice Skates, Belper, December 2017Vintage Ice Skates, Belper, December 2017
Nikon FM, Nikkor 50mm f/2 – 1/60s, f2.8, – Ilford FP4+

I shot this in December for Emulsive’s FP4 Party but the scans didn’t return from the lab in time for post week. The skates and toboggan formed part of a festive decoration outside a local gift shop. That particular day the weather was bitterly cold and there was indeed some snow but not nearly enough for these vintage beauties to be needed…

Scan by AgLab with minimal cropping and tweaking in Lightroom Classic CC.

Classic vehicle – Renault 1000Kg light van

Like fellow blogger Jim Grey I photograph old cars whenever I spot one and although a beautifully restored example is wonderful to see, I do prefer those that have been allowed to age gracefully…

Renault 1000Kg light vanRenault 1000Kg light van
Pentax MZ-M, SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/2 – 1/90s, f8 – JCH Street Pan 400 rated at ISO 320

The Renault 1000Kg light van was introduced in 1947 but the 1400kg version introduced two years later soon became the more popular model.

This particular example was spotted in a small commune in the Nièvre department of France and is an example of the 1000Kg Voltigeur model manufactured between 1956 and 1963. As a diesel engine was only offered as an option from 1961 I’m assuming that this one has the 1996cc petrol engine.

Renault 1000Kg light van-20170801Renault 1000Kg light van
Fujifilm X-T1, Fujinon XF 18-135mm f3.5~5.6 R LM OIS WR at 93mm, 1/60s, f8, ISO 400

I’m not certain that those tiny wheels (that don’t even remotely fill out the wheel arches) are the originals and sadly the van doesn’t appear to have moved in quite a while even though the ’89’ part of the registration indicates that this vehicle is registered in the neighbouring Yonne department.