Single frame… World Wide Pinhole Photography Day

Scallop, AldeburghScallop, Aldeburgh
Panasonic Lumix GF-1, Wanderlust Pinwide 22mm pinhole lens, 1/3s, f128, ISO 100

As it’s World Wide Pinhole Photography Day I thought I’d dig out one of the few attempts I’ve made at a pinhole image.

‘Scallop’ is a sculpture on Aldeburgh beach in Suffolk, dedicated to English composer, conductor and pianist Benjamin Britten. Created by Suffolk-based artist Maggi Hambling, the stainless steel piece is made up of two interlocking scallop shells, each broken, the upright shell being pierced with the words: “I hear those voices that will not be drowned”, which are taken from Britten’s opera Peter Grimes.

The image was made during a holiday to the Suffolk coast back in July 2011. Sadly the Wanderlust Pinwide lens doesn’t seem to be available at the moment and if memory serves it was only ever available for micro 4/3 cameras (which I no longer shoot) but I am rather tempted by one of the Skink Pinhole Pancake lenses for my Fujifilm X-T1…

Monochrome Monday… Lone tree, Yorkshire Dales

Lone tree, Yorkshire DalesLone tree, Yorkshire Dales
Contax G1, Carl Zeiss T* Biogon 28mm f/2.8 – Kodak T-Max P3200 rated at ISO 1600

A long forgotten folder of negatives surfaced this evening so I just had to fire up the scanner…

Another shot on (the recently re-introduced) Kodak T-Max P3200 black & white film, this time from May 1999. A lone tree growing out of the limestone pavement above Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales stands sentinel over the Pennine Way long-distance footpath.