Monochrome Monday… Vintage section

Vintage section, December 2018Vintage section, December 2018
Fujica GW690 – 1/60s, f8, – JCH Street Pan rated at ISO 800

My first roll of JCH Street Pan film in 120 format. I’m not sure what went wrong but the negatives are very thin indeed… Did I forget to mark the roll for push-processing when I sent it to the lab?

This is part of the vintage section in the Sue Ryder charity shop on Goodramgate in York. They had an assortment of photographic bits and bobs when I called in before Christmas but the only thing I bought was a Sporran!

Scan by AgLab with minimal cropping and tweaking in Lightroom Classic CC.

Throwback Thursday… S and L Ltd, Langley Mill Basin

S and L Ltd, Langley Mill BasinS and L Ltd, Langley Mill Basin
Fujifilm X-E1, Fujinon XC 50-230mm f4.5~6.7 OIS at 107mm, 1/250s, f5.6, ISO 200

What was I photographing on this day in previous years?

Four years ago I was wandering around Langley Mill basin on the Erewash Canal and this barge rudder caught my eye.

I believe the ‘S and L Ltd’ refers to the firm of Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd who owned and operated a fleet of canal boats until the 1970s.

Single frame… Pinhole image of Chester Green, Derby

Chester Green, DerbyChester Green, Derby
Fujifilm X-T10, thingyfy 11mm Pinhole Pro S, 1.1s, f79, ISO 400

Last year I posted an image taken using a Wanderlust Pinwide 22mm pinhole lens on a Panasonic Lumix GF-1 and mentioned that I was rather tempted to find something similar for my Fujifilm X system.

Ten months later (and thanks to an eBay bargain), I have, in the shape of the thingyfy Pinhole Pro S and the above image is one of my first taken with it.

The effective aperture of f79 isn’t particularly ‘pinholey’ and as a result the image is very soft but I have a cunning plan to both reduce the angle of view (which is very wide at 11mm) and the effective aperture…

Watch this space…

Monochrome Monday… Rolls Royce Merlin X aero engine

Rolls Royce Merlin X aero engineRolls Royce Merlin X aero engine
Nikon F3HP, Nikkor 35mm f/2 – 1/125s, f11, – Kentmere 400 rated at ISO 320

A Rolls Royce Merlin X aero engine on display at The Ruskin Museum in Coniston. The engine was one of four fitted to Handley Page Halifax V bomber, LL505 ‘FD-S’ of the Royal Air Force’s 1659 Heavy Conversion unit (HCU) that crashed on Great Carrs between Coniston and Little Langdale during a navigational exercise on 22 October 1944. All eight members of the crew were killed in the crash.

The engine is one of two recovered by the RAF in 1997, the other is in the Pathfinder Museum at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire.

Scan by AgLab with minimal cropping and tweaking in Lightroom Classic CC.