Monochrome Monday… Tree stump, Tarn Hows, April 1998

Tree stump, Tarn Hows, April 1998Tree stump, Tarn Hows, April 1998
Contax G1, Carl Zeiss 45mm f/2 Planar T* – Ilford HP5 Plus.
Developed in Fotospeed FD30 at 1:9, 6 mins at 20°c.

I’m digitising some of my older negatives as they crop up during my current bout of sorting and filing…

This image is from a trip to the Lake District National Park my wife and I took at Easter 1998. If memory serves, the day before this (when I was wandering around in shorts and a t-shirt) we’d been treated to biting winds and snow flurries!

The Contax G1 is one of the few cameras I truly regret parting with…

Digitised using Nikon D5500 & AF-S Micro-NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8, pixl-latr and Negative Lab Pro plugin with minimal cropping and tweaking in Lightroom Classic CC.

Monochrome Monday… Bicycles, Trinity Street, Cambridge

Bicycles, Trinity Street, CambridgeBicycles, Trinity Street, Cambridge
Contax G1 – Ilford Delta 400 Professional

Today I’m trying out the excellent Negative Lab Pro plugin for Lightroom with on scans made with my Epson Perfection 4870 Photo flatbed scanner… So far things are looking pretty good!

Following advice on the Negative Lab Pro forum I’m scanning my black & white negatives as 48-bit colour positives (with all sharpening/correction/restoration options turned off). Next thing is to try a few colour negatives!

The above image was taken (I think) the day after a friend’s wedding in October 1999 (Hi Marie! Hi Andy!) during a brief wander around the university city of Cambridge.

Epson 4870 Photo scan with minimal cropping and tweaking in Lightroom Classic CC.

Monochrome Monday… Holy Island, September 1998

Holy Island, September 1998Holy Island, September 1998
Contax G1, Carl Zeiss T* Biogon 28mm f/2.8 – Ilford HP5 Plus

Saturday saw another madcap round trip to Scotland so that my pal Mark could go to a football match, this time in Edinburgh.

The journey gave us good views of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and that reminded me that somewhere I’d got some black & white pics taken there in 1998 (filed away so safely that it’s taken me all afternoon to find them!)

The couple of days I spent on the island were marred by awful weather and the negatives are lacking in contrast, something I could’ve improved upon had I processed the film myself…

Nikon COOLSCAN IV ED scan with minimal cropping and tweaking in Lightroom Classic CC.